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the Using Experience Sharing of 5730 Lamp Bead


The testing data of 5730 lamp bead:

1. Color rendering index: it can reach the international standard RA = 80 or above. (Note: the color rendering index is inversely proportional to the luminous flux. Please measure according to the actual situation.)

2. Color tolerance index: it can reach the international standard less than 5. (Note: there is a certain asymmetry between the color tolerance index and the actual color of the white LED light seen by the naked eye. It is possible that the color tolerance index is high, but the actual color of the white LED light is unacceptable. )

3. Light efficiency: the current international LED white light efficiency is 60-90lm / W, while a certain type of LED white light in Japan and China can achieve 100-120lm / W.

4. Electrical internal resistance index: very stable. Under the premise of constant voltage, the current fluctuation is small.

5. Cold and heat resistance: it can still work normally under normal 80 ℃ high temperature and - 35 ℃ low temperature, and the cold and heat circulation is dead for many times.

6. Consistency: the color temperature can ensure good consistency! The above data is the conclusion of work experience.

Recommended data for use of 5730 beads:

1. Recommended driving current: 100-145ma; the maximum operating current is not more than 150mA.

2. The instantaneous driving voltage and reverse voltage shall not exceed 5V, or the LED lamp beads will be damaged or seriously damaged and cannot be repaired.

3. The ambient temperature is - 30 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃. It is recommended to optimize the heat dissipation design of the lamp so that the temperature of the negative pole of the LED white lamp pin is lower than 60 ℃.

4. The maximum allowable lighting hours per day is 18 hours. Continuous lighting will have a certain impact on the life of LED lamp beads.

5. If the current is 100-150mA, the light flux will be reduced by about 4% for every 10mA of current reduction; based on this, the luminous flux of LED white light can be calculated.

6. When the power is 148-150ma, it is 0.5W; based on this, the customer can calculate the total power consumption of LED lamps during operation.

1. All operators who need to touch LED lamp beads must wear truly effective anti-static bracelets.

2. If the LED pin needs to be bent, the fold point must be more than 3mm away from the LED gel;

3. The normal requirement for LED welding is 260 ℃± 3 ℃, and the welding time shall not exceed 2 seconds. If it passes through the tin furnace, the temperature of the tin furnace shall be lower than 275 ℃, and the immersion time shall not exceed 2 seconds. The operator is required to be very skilled and accurate.

4. When LED wave soldering, wave soldering machine shall be grounded. When the ground wire is connected, it must not be connected to the ground wire of the municipal power grid. It must be connected to a real ground wire completely separated from the ground wire of the municipal power grid. This ground wire requires the lead to be driven directly into the wet ground to a depth of less than 5m. Note: many users fail to notice this, which leads to electrostatic breakdown of the wave soldering machine directly into the LED chip, and leads to the leakage of the LED lamp beads and micro light or dead light.

5. All places or equipment in contact with materials shall be connected with real ground wire.

6. In the process of detecting lamp beads and inserting lamp beads on PCB board, great care must be taken and three layers of protection must be done: first, operators must wear truly effective anti-static rings. Secondly, the working table must be covered with antistatic rubber. Third, the operator must be equipped with an ion fan in front to eliminate static electricity.

7. Before power on test, make sure that the circuit of LED lamp board is not short circuited to tin. If there is a short circuit, it will damage or seriously damage the LED lamp bead, or it will appear immediately, or it will appear in a few days or more, causing a hidden danger. Therefore, check the circuit condition carefully, which has appeared in many users. Many times, special attention should be paid to this!

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