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We provide a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures every year for projects around the world. 

This page shows several of the big success cases we have done in recent years.

1. Pakistan - Integrated Solar Street Light

Country (region): Karachi, Pakistan 

Product introduction:  60W integrated solar street light 

Quantity: 9300 sets 

Application: Road lighting 

Installation: height 8M, rod distance 30M 

As the customer said, they work perfectly and are definitely bright. The stand keeps the light level to perfection.


2. Brazil LED street light project

The Brazilian streetlight project is located in Contagen, Minas Gerais, Brazil. It replaces the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp with ultra-high-efficiency LED street light. The LED street light used has dimming function, which can adjust the brightness of the street light according to the traffic flow condition. The energy saving effect is very significant.

Project location: Contagem Minas Geras, Belo Horizonte, Brasil 

Number of lamps: 1410 sets 

Installation height: 6 meters / 8 meters / 15 meters


3. Germany - Mining Lights/High Bay Lights

Country (region): Germany 

Application: Warehouse 

Product: 200 LED high bay lights 

Installation height: 7 meters


4. Russia - Split Solar Street Lights

Product: 110W Solar Street Light 

Quantity: 30 sets of 110W solar street lights

Application: Street lighting 

Installation: height 10 meters; asphalt 20 meters 


5. Egypt-Split solar street light aid project

China assists Egypt with 315 sets of 60W solar street lights 

Location: Cairo, Egypt 

Product introduction: 60W solar street light 

Quantity: 315 sets

Installation: height 8 meters; rod spacing 30 meters 


6. Myanmar Montyuvale Copper Mine-Separate Solar Street Lamp Project

Copper mine road lighting 

600 sets 60W + 30W solar panel LED street light


7. Inner Mongolia-LED street light project

The project is located in Zhenglan Banner, Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia. 

The whole line of lighting adopts Spike Optoelectronics Avenue series of high-efficiency LED street lights. 

It adopts cool white temperature, the lighting is refreshing and pleasant, the light is soft and comfortable, and there is no glare effect to ensure safe driving.


8. Japan Niigata factory mining lamp case

Our customer installed the mining lamp in a 14-meter-high workshop in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. This company is a well-known manufacturing company in the United States called "HOKUYO SEISAKUSHO" in industrial art. For this project, we offers several simulations based on different traffic requirements, and the customer is very satisfied with the final solution. Please check the installed image below. Two rows of five lamps are installed for each fish lamp. As shown in the figure, the uniformity is very good, and the average luminous flux of the field test is 280 lumens, which fully meets the requirements of the customer.


9. Japan-Yuntong Logistics-High Bay Light

The famous Japan Express Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Ritong) "Japan" is an outstanding representative of the entire logistics industry in Japan. Ritong issued a statement in the Japanese magazine CARGO, which will use LED lighting products in its newly built Sendai Port logistics area, including warehouse lighting, parking lot lighting and office area lighting. This will be the first time they use LED energy-saving products to cope with the global Energy shortage. Ritong Company is satisfied with our quality. We believe that customers will switch to our LED lights in their more warehouses and take the lead in green lighting in Japan.


10. Submerged tunnel of Xiangmihu Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Adopting our 70W linear tunnel light, the waterproof grade is IP65, the illumination is even and soft, effectively avoiding the dazzling glare of the modular tunnel light. At the same time, the intermediate lighting of the tunnel is adopted, the illumination of the road is uniform, the lighting quality is very high, and the solution is solved perfectly. Black holes, white hole effects, lighting safety and comfort are very high. The daylight full-light mode is adopted on the cloth lamp, and the evening interval lighting mode is more energy-saving.


11. Thailand-Bangkok-High Bay Light

Our customers won the bid in Thailand. The project is IMPACT exhibition lighting, replacing the traditional 1000W high-pressure sodium lamp with our LED lamp. We participated in "Thailand LED Expo 2015". Application: Thailand IMPACT Exhibition 

Power: 150W 

Light Efficiency: 140 LM/W 

Quantity: 870 PCS 

Installation: 16 m high