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Interior Lighting Design: the Layout of LED Spotlight Is Hidden inside to Solve the Space


Although the LED spotlight is small, it has many positions at home. They are usually hidden around the ceiling or in the upper part of the furniture, or in the walls, skirts or skirting lines. The light directly irradiates on the household utensils which need to be emphasized, so as to highlight the subjective aesthetic function and achieve the artistic effect of highlighting the key, unique environment, rich levels, rich atmosphere and colorful. The spotlight light is soft and elegant, which can not only play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also partial lighting, and foil the atmosphere.

Spotlight is a typical modern school of lighting without master lamp and fixed scale, which can create indoor lighting atmosphere. If a row of small spotlights are combined, the light can change wonderful patterns. Because the angle of small spotlight can be changed freely, the effect of combined lighting is also changeable. The spotlight light is soft and elegant. It can also be partially lit to set off the atmosphere.

Chapter one: the small spotlight hidden in the dado or skirting line

Editor's comments: the spotlight is understood by Xiaobian. It is usually silent. Once it shines, it is a master of space atmosphere construction. The visual impression presented is often frightening. The spotlight in the picture is placed in the skirting line. The narrow and long light source meets the light demand of walking at night, and does not occupy any external space. This small role with deep knowledge and fame is the decoration element of great love in the home furnishing.

Editor's comments: in general, the spotlights in the home are mostly arranged above the cabinet to meet the daily lighting and convenient object access. In fact, the lighting design of the stairs is also an important place for spotlights. The spotlight is very strong and unique in space, color and reality. Compared with other lamps and lanterns, it has a comparative advantage. Place the spotlight around the wainscot and go up the stairs. The warm and concentrated light is enough to illuminate every step of the way under your feet.

Edit comments: the spotlight at the stairs can also be set in this way. Make a long and narrow hollowing treatment on the ground below the stairs, and place the spotlight in between to meet the lighting requirements of the whole stairs. The key to the success of this case is simple setting and unconstrained lighting.

Editor's comments: the spotlight is placed at the lower end of the stairs, and the light transmission part is also processed with wonderful patterns. The details are more delicate and precious. The small gap is enough to sprinkle light, and the small light source can meet the lighting needs of large space.

Editor's comments: it's still the stairs or the position of the wainscot. The arrangement of the spotlights on the stairs is very ingenious. The shape is similar to the metal fixings on the outside of the stairs, which gives people an illusion visually. The light design of four sides divergence is also the highlight of this spotlight, which not only meets the basic lighting, but also greatly meets the aesthetic needs.

Chapter two: the small spotlight hidden in the bathroom

Editor's comments: spotlights are often seen under the cabinet. If it is in the bathroom, spotlights can also be used for basic lighting needs. There are few visible light sources in the whole space. The long spotlights at the upper and lower ends of the bathroom mirror ensure the light demand around the mirror. The large spotlight on the roof provides light in a small area. The light layout of the whole bathroom is wonderful, and the space presented at last is even more beautiful.

Editor's comments: it is the same design as the previous picture. I spent a lot of time around the mirror and made a wonderful lighting layout. The built-in design can't see the light source outside, but it's large enough to make the washing area bright, and the strong ceiling spotlight is used as the auxiliary light source. This hidden spotlight, do not worry about occupying the original small bathroom space, but also to ensure a warm and bright small space, why not do it!

Editor's comments: spotlights can also be installed in the washroom as mirror headlights. Two rows of rectangular spotlights are "placed" on both sides of the bathroom mirror. The light is projected from the inside, providing large light for small space. When it's opened alone, it's a spotlight, a wall lamp, with a different mood.

Editor's comments: the design of space always takes a little thought if you want to be brilliant. Many wonderful designs are comprehensive consideration of the spatial pattern. In the case, the bathroom mirror is narrow and long, and has been embedded, so the concave convex has a more rich sense of spatial level. The treatment of spotlight fully considers the spatial characteristics, and also makes long spotlights on both sides of the mirror. But because of the embedded design, the concealment is stronger, and it is more worthy of fine products.

Editor's comment: the light treatment near the wash basin and bathroom mirror is usually very thoughtful, and the spotlight is also a high frequency place in this area. In the picture, two small spotlights are selected and placed under the bathroom cabinet to ensure the basic lighting of the washing area. With the space headlight, the small space will be bright.

Editor's comment: if the bathroom space is taught, the spotlight can not only be around the wash area, but also be placed on the top of the wall, with long and narrow treatment to meet more space lighting. Add some more headlights. The big space is as bright as before.

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