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Detailed Explanation of Lighting Design Ideas of Typical Places in Hospital


The modern hospital has a good lighting system, which can relieve the patients' bad mood in a bright and comfortable environment, and ensure that the medical workers can complete the work efficiently and quickly.

1. Outpatient department

The diagnosis and treatment department is the center of the hospital, so we should consider to give full play to its function in a comfortable environment. Because this part of the use practice is in the daytime, so for the room on the first floor only relying on artificial light lighting, we should consider the illumination balance of the natural light emitted from the gate.

2. Public hall

The public hall is the central area with the most frequent flow of people, which is connected with clinics, corridors, stairs, etc. If the public hall is in the form of building atrium lighting, gas discharge lamp should be selected as the main lighting. The atrium should handle the smooth conversion of natural light and artificial lighting to prevent the illumination of the corridor around the atrium from being too low, and the difference between light and shade is too large to cause visual discomfort.

The installation of lighting fixtures in the shared hall space with less natural lighting should consider the convenience of maintenance and repair. Small projection lamps are installed on the side wall of the hall corridor. The maintenance personnel can reach the lamps when standing on the edge of the corridor, which is very convenient for maintenance and convenient to adjust the angle of the projection lamps, so that the lamps can illuminate the hall space gently and evenly. The internal and external lighting of service windows such as registration, charge and laboratory test should be bright, because the medical staff and patients or their families need to check and verify the handover documents and fees.

3. Public walkway

The public corridor of the ward is different from the outpatient and emergency medical technology building. The inpatient is suitable for a quiet environment and the light should be even and soft. Therefore, the illuminance is relatively low, generally around 50lx. Embedded warm light lamps or small compact fluorescent lamps should be used. A footlight is set under the door of each ward in the corridor for nurses to patrol at night, and the general lighting can be turned off at night.

The "exit exit" sign light shall be installed above the entrance to the outdoor or safety stairs of each safety passage of the public walkway, and the evacuation sign light shall be installed at the inner corner of the long walkway, and the distance between the evacuation sign lights shall be equal to or less than 20 m.

4. Diagnosis and treatment room

The horizontal and vertical illuminance of the diagnosis and treatment room should meet the requirements of doctors' observation and writing, and the illuminance should generally be more than 300lx. In addition, the diagnosis and treatment room with better natural lighting should be equipped with blinds, and the indoor layout should also avoid direct sunlight in summer.

The treatment room adopts cold color, and the color rendering index shall be equal to or higher than 80 light source for spirit and attention. In addition, considering that the patient may lie on the bed facing up, direct glare in the field of vision of the supine patient should be avoided in the design. Therefore, it is advisable to select the reflective thin straight tube fluorescent lamp with light shield.

5. Inspection room


The lighting of the body part can be considered as that of the general chemistry laboratory. However, when considering the color rendering of light source, even if the efficiency is low, it should meet the requirements of light color. It is also important to consider how to make the patient feel safe and relaxed in the physiological examination room with the patient as the object due to the pressure of the place.

6. Radiation room

For radiation, each studio does not need too high illuminance, but requires dimming. The X-ray perspective room needs 200lx illuminance for mechanical maintenance and adjustment. In the perspective phase, 50lx is required to get in and out of the room. During perspective, you can set the red light from 20lx to zero by stepping on the switch.

7, ward

The illumination of the ward is generally 100-200lx. It should be noted that the patient who is lying up or lying horizontally will not feel glare. For single ward or double ward, lighting lamps can be installed on the wall at the head of the bed.

When the beds are arranged in two rows in the six bed room, most of the lighting fixtures are set in the center of the room, so it is necessary to make a full study on the position of the patients' eyes and the light distribution of the lighting fixtures. General lighting fixtures are expected to be dimmable at two levels. In addition to general lighting, the bedside lamp for reading and daily life should be installed at the head of the patient's bed.

8. Operation Department

The operation Department is in a narrow place without windows, and it is a long-term intensive work. Therefore, lighting in the operating room must consider reducing the fatigue of relevant personnel. From the operating room to the channel of the preparation room, the general illumination should be high, which requires good diffusion, cover, firm structure and no dust falling.

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