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the Designing Concept of Architectural Landscape LED Lighting Engineering


The overall consideration of the landscape LED lighting engineering design of the building is the first to be confirmed.

1. Direction of viewing: Buildings may be viewed from different directions. The angle is generally visible, but before the design begins, we must first decide on a specific direction as the main direction of viewing.

2. Distance: The possible viewing distance of the average person. The distance of the distance will affect the clarity of the person's appearance of the façade, and at the same time affect the decision of the illuminance.

3, the surrounding environment and background: the surrounding environment and the background of the light and dark will affect the subject's required illumination. If the perimeter is very dark, a little light is needed to illuminate the subject. If the perimeter is bright, the light must be strengthened to highlight the subject.

In the LED lighting engineering design of building landscape, it can be roughly divided into the following steps:

1. Decide on the desired lighting effect

Buildings may have different lighting effects due to their different appearances, or a more uniform feeling, or a strong sense of brightness and darkness; they may be more flat or more lively. The properties of the building itself are determined.

2. Choose the right light source

The choice of light source should consider factors such as light color, color rendering, efficiency, and longevity. The color of light has an equivalent relationship with the color of the material of the exterior wall of the building. Generally speaking, the brick and the yellow-brown stone are more suitable to be irradiated with warm light, and the light source is a high-pressure sodium lamp or a halogen lamp.

3. Decide on the required illumination

The required illumination depends mainly on the brightness of the surrounding environment and the color of the material on the exterior wall of the building. The recommended illuminance value is for the main façade. Generally speaking, the illuminance of the secondary façade is one-and-a-half of the main façade, and the three-dimensional sense of the building can be expressed by the difference between the two sides.

4. Choose the right fixture

In general, the square lamp has a larger angle of light distribution, and the angle of the circular lamp is smaller. Wide-angle lamps have a more uniform effect, but are not suitable for long-distance projection; narrow-angle lamps are suitable for projection at a longer distance, but the uniformity is poor when used at close distances.

5. Calculation of illumination and number of lamps

After the above steps are completed, the number of lamps is determined according to the illumination calculation of the selected light source, lamp, installation position and the like, so that the effect after installation is as close as possible to the desired. The appearance of the building is represented by the projection of the light at night, and the effect obtained is equivalent to the feeling during the day. Therefore, in the LED lighting engineering design, we do not necessarily need to obtain the same effect as the daytime, it is important to show the characteristics of the building.

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