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Three Kinds of White Light Forming Principles of RGB LED


This article will introduce to you the synthesis principle of LED tricolor light. What is RGB LED light? How does synthetic light come into being? RGB LED and white LED are both expected to achieve the effect of white light, but one is directly presented in white light (phosphor), and the other is a mixture of red, green and blue.

The imaging principle of RGB lamp: RGB lamp is the image of three primary colors, in addition, there are blue LED with yellow phosphor, and ultraviolet LED with RGB phosphor. Overall, both have their imaging principle, but the attenuation problem and the impact of ultraviolet radiation on human body are relatively difficult to solve in the short term, although. All can meet the needs of white light, but with different results.

RGB is obviously more diversified than white LED in application. For example, when a certain band of light is needed, such as car lights, traffic signs, window, etc., RGB can mix colors at will. In contrast, white LED suffers a lot, so of course, the effect is stronger. On the other hand, if RGB LED lamp is used in lighting, it will suffer a lot, because it mainly depends on white light flux, lifetime and pure color. At present, RGB LED lamp is mainly used in decorative lamp.

Seeing that the future of white LED using phosphor is not bright, Lin Zhuxuan, general manager of American Light Source, has announced to abandon the production line. In particular, it is not only the problem of light attenuation, but also other problems. He made it clear that white LEDs are obviously inferior to RGB in clarity and color purity. He also said that the overall brightness and clarity of RGB is five times as high as that of white phosphor LEDs when overlapping properly. In addition, the problem of light attenuation and the high cost of wafers are also the main reasons why he likes RGB lamps.

People who like high-quality paintings should not find it difficult to find that the color of some LED backlights is very clear and bright, and even has the degree of high-quality television. This situation is the characteristics of RGB. It boasts that red is red, green is blue, and blue is blue. In the light mixing, it has more diverse characteristics, just like the painter. Like the palette, it can perfectly present the most real color world and make up a beautiful life.

When RGB is separated, it can be controlled separately. Although it can be directly controlled and the mixing is good, it is a big problem to achieve the pure white light. Although the cost is expensive, the quality is relatively good. As for white LED lamp, although the cost is cheap, it can directly replace CCFL as the main technology of LED, but relatively. For example, because of the problem of wavelength and frequency, the scattering will be unstable.

For example, if one of the RGB lights breaks down, it will be quite obvious on the whole screen. On the contrary, white LED lights can complement each other, because they are side-lighting, so they can complement a broken LED, and the uniformity of the supplement, so that the overall situation does not look too bad.

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