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Several Methods of Manufacturing High Power LED Chips


In order to get high-power LED devices, it is necessary to prepare appropriate high-power LED chips. There are several ways to manufacture high-power LED chips in the world:

(1) large size method. By increasing the effective luminous area and size of the single LED, the current flowing through the TCL layer is evenly distributed to achieve the expected luminous flux. However, simply increasing the luminous area can not solve the problem of heat dissipation and light emission, and can not achieve the expected luminous flux and practical application effect.

(2) flip chip method. Firstly, the large-scale LED chip suitable for eutectic welding is prepared, and the corresponding size of silicon base plate is prepared. The gold conductive layer and lead-out conductive layer (ultrasonic gold wire ball solder joint) for eutectic welding are made on the silicon base plate, and then the large-scale LED chip and silicon base plate are welded together by the eutectic welding equipment. This kind of structure is more reasonable, considering not only the problem of light output but also the problem of heat dissipation, which is the current mainstream production mode of high-power LED.

In 2001, Lumileds company of the United States developed the AlGaInN power flip chip (fcled) structure. The manufacturing process is as follows: firstly, the NIAU layer with thickness greater than 500A is deposited on the p-type GaN at the top of the epitaxial chip for ohmic contact and back reflection; then, the p-type layer and the multi quantum well active layer are etched by mask selection to expose the n-type layer; after deposition and etching, the n-type ohmic contact layer is formed. The size is 1mm × 1mm, the p-type ohmic contact is square, and the n-type ohmic contact is inserted into it in a comb shape, so that the current expansion distance can be shortened and the expansion resistance can be minimized; then, the AlGaInN chip with metallized bump is installed upside down and welded on the silicon carrier with anti-static protective diode (ESD).

(3) ceramic bottom plate inversion method. Firstly, the LED chips with large light output area and the corresponding ceramic base plate which are suitable for the eutectic welding electrode structure are prepared by using the general LED chip equipment, and the eutectic welding conductive layer and the outgoing conductive layer are made on the ceramic base plate, then the large LED chips and the ceramic base plate are welded together by using the eutectic welding equipment. This structure not only considers the problem of light emission but also the problem of heat dissipation, and the ceramic bottom plate used is a high heat conduction ceramic plate, the heat dissipation effect is very ideal, the price is relatively low, so it is a more suitable bottom plate material at present, and it can reserve space for the integrated packaging of integrated integrated integrated integrated integrated integrated circuits in the future.

(4) sapphire substrate transition method. According to the traditional InGaN chip manufacturing method, after growing PN junction on sapphire substrate, the sapphire substrate is cut off, and then connected with the traditional quaternary materials, a large-scale blue LED chip with upper and lower electrode structure is manufactured.

(5) AlGaInN silicon carbide (SIC) back light method. Cree is the only manufacturer in the world that uses SiC substrate to manufacture AlGaInN ultra-high brightness LED. In recent years, its AlGaInN / Sica chip structure has been continuously improved, and its brightness has been continuously improved. As p-type and n-type electrodes are respectively located at the bottom and top of the chip, and single lead bonding is adopted, the compatibility is good and the use is convenient, so they become another mainstream product of algainnled development.

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