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Practical Experience of LED Driving Power Supply


In recent years, with the continuous development of LED lamp packaging technology and heat dissipation technology, the stability of LED lamp has reached a relatively good level. The main reason for light decay and color drift is the products of some copycat manufacturers, mainly due to the unreasonable heat dissipation design. Relatively speaking, the problem of LED lamp driving power supply is more serious, which is the main reason for the dead lamp or flicker. That is to say, the LED lamp driving power supply has become the short board of LED lamp quality. According to the barrel theory, the life of LED lamp driving power supply is the life of LED lamp.

The conventional lighting street lamp is separated from the lamp head and the power supply. The lamp head - high pressure sodium lamp is usually in failure. The guarantee period of high pressure sodium lamp is one year according to the standard of Guo Jia. The street lamp management unit will store a certain number of sodium lamps. The high pressure sodium lamp has mature Guo Jia standard, and the main parameters such as the size and power of its main parts are unified and interchangeable.

The current LED lamp fault is mainly in the power supply, so the main problem is to solve the power supply. Due to the lack of mandatory unified standards for LED power supply at present, the power supply on the market is independent, single circuit, multi-channel and different size, which is difficult to replace. With the appearance of super power LED street lights and LED tunnel lights on the market, LED driving power failure is frequent. In addition, LED street light driving power mostly adopts built-in design, which often causes many difficulties in LED lamp power supply maintenance. In addition, some manufacturers lack after-sales maintenance services. Therefore, the complaints of the owners, after the media's exaggeration and publicity, cause the public's misunderstanding of LED lights, affecting the LED industry. Reputation.

1. Give up more than 4 outputs, develop single or two outputs, give up large current and super current, and develop small current.

The more the number of output channels, the more complex it is, the higher the cost of solving the current interference between different outlets is. If it is not solved, the higher the failure rate is. In addition, the greater the number of output channels, the greater the total output current, and the current is the main cause of heat generation. The voltage itself does not directly cause heat generation. Simply speaking, the heat generation is directly proportional to the square of the current, that is to say, if the current increases to twice, the heat generation will increase to four times, the current to three times, and the heat generation will increase to nine times. In conclusion, the failure rate of single or two output LED lamp power supply will be greatly reduced.

2. Intelligent control is one of the advantages of LED lamps, and power supply is the key of intelligent control.

Intelligent control has the most mature conditions in the application of LED street lamp and LED tunnel lamp lighting. Intelligent control can realize stepless control of lamp power according to the density of traffic flow in different time periods. It can not only meet the application requirements, but also achieve huge energy-saving effect, which can save a lot of money for the road authorities. The application in tunnel lighting can not only save energy, but also automatically adjust the brightness of tunnel entrance and exit according to the brightness outside the tunnel, so as to provide the driver with a vision transition stage to ensure driving safety.

3. Give up the high power and super power, and choose the medium and small power supply with high stability.

Because the greater the power, the greater the heat, the more compact the parts inside, which is not conducive to heat dissipation, and the temperature is the culprit of power failure. Moreover, the development of small power supply is relatively mature, with advantages in stability and cost. In fact, many high-power power schemes have not been proved by time and practice. They are all projects in a hurry and experimental products, so there are endless failures. In contrast, due to the early development of small and medium-sized power supply, the technical scheme is much more mature.

4. Heat dissipation and protection are the main external factors of power failure.

Not only the power supply itself will heat, but also the lamps and lanterns will heat. How these two kinds of heat sources can be reasonably distributed is a problem that must be considered by the lamp design engineer. It is necessary to prevent the excessive concentration of heat, form the heat island effect, and affect the service life of the power supply. It is a good choice to adopt separated power supply.

5. Feasibility of maintenance.

The problem of power supply failure cannot be avoided completely. Wu Gong of tesy technology put forward the principle of maintenance simplicity. Only when the replacement of the power supply is as simple as the replacement of the light source of the conventional lighting, can the user be happy with it. Even if the power supply is broken, the mood will not be too bad, and the mood of the user determines the fate of the LED lamp manufacturers.

6. Protection performance.

The protection problem is also very important. The penetration of water may cause short circuit of power supply, the dust on the shell will affect the heat dissipation of power supply, and the exposure to the sun will easily cause high temperature and aging of wires and other components. From the experience in actual use, the failure rate of rotary wiring plug is high, most of which is caused by water leakage.

7. Modular design.

Modular design has become the current trend. We must find a way in the integration of modular power supply. If the power supply can be plugged and unplugged to solve the maintenance problem, it will be welcomed by users. At the same time, we need to establish interface standardization to make the LED power supply of different manufacturers universal.

Summary: the LED lamp power supply is better to adopt the split design, and pay attention to the reliability and life of the power supply. Even if the cost increases a little, only by designing products from the perspective of customers can the enterprise get long-term development.

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