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Packaging Technology and Development Trend of High Power LED


The main purpose of LED packaging is to realize the electrical interconnection and mechanical contact between LED chip and external circuit, protect led from mechanical, thermal, moisture and other external shocks, realize the optical requirements, improve the optical efficiency, meet the requirements of chip heat dissipation, and improve its performance and reliability.

LED packaging design mainly involves optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical (structure) aspects. These factors are independent of each other and affect each other. Light is the purpose of LED packaging, heat is the key, electrical and mechanical are the means, and performance is the embodiment.

At present, high efficiency and high power is one of the main development directions of LED. All countries and research institutions are committed to the research of high-performance LED chips: surface coarsening, inverted pyramid structure, transparent substrate technology, optimization of electrode geometry, distributed Bragg reflector, laser substrate stripping technology, microstructure and photonic crystal technology.

Because of the complexity of structure and technology, high-power LED packaging has a direct impact on the service performance and life of LED, which has been a research hotspot in recent years, especially the lighting level high-power LED heat dissipation packaging. Many universities, research institutes and companies have also conducted research on LED packaging technology and achieved results: large area chip flip structure and eutectic welding technology, t Hin.film technology, metal substrate and ceramic substrate technology, conformal coating technology of fluorescent powder, scatteredphoton extraction method (SPE), UV and solar radiation resistant and moisture resistant packaging resin research, optical optimization design, etc.

With the rapid improvement of the performance of high-power LED chip, the packaging technology of power LED has been improved to adapt to the development of the situation. From the lead frame packaging to the multi chip array assembly, to the 3D array packaging, the input power has been increasing, and the packaging thermal resistance has been significantly reduced. In order to promote the development of LED in the field of general lighting, one of the keys is to improve the thermal management of LED packaging step by step. In addition, the organic integration of chip design and manufacturing and packaging technology is also very conducive to the improvement of product cost performance. With the large-scale application of surface Mount Technology (SMT) in industry, the use of transparent packaging materials and power MOSFET packaging platform will be the development of LED packaging. In one direction, functional integration (such as driver circuit) will further promote the development of LED packaging technology. The technology applied in other disciplines may also find a stage in the packaging of LED lighting sources in the future, such as the emerging fluid self-assembly (FSA) technology.

In order to further improve the optical flux of a single component and reduce the cost of packaging, multi chip packaging technology has been greatly developed in recent years. The SIP / cob (system in packaging / chipon board) technology in semiconductor packaging technology is applied to the packaging of LED chips, that is, the LED chips are directly packaged on the heat dissipation substrate, which can make the high-power LED devices work stably and reliably, and the packaging structure is simple and compact. How to make LED work continuously and reliably for a long time is the key technology of high-power LED device packaging and system packaging.

With the increasing maturity of chip technology, the input power of a single LED chip can be further increased to 3W, 5W or even higher, and the current density and heat flow density of the chip itself are dramatically increased, so it is more and more important to prevent the heat accumulation of LED. If these heat can not be effectively dissipated, the following thermal effect will seriously affect the reliability and life of the whole LED light-emitting device; if multiple high-power LED chips are densely arranged to form a white light lighting system, the problem of heat dissipation is more serious, how to improve the package heat dissipation capacity is one of the key technologies to be solved at this stage.

In the process of packaging LED chip, gold wire, packaging resin, lens, chip heat sink and other aspects, heat dissipation must be paid attention to. The breakthrough point is the structure and material of the chip substrate and the external integrated cooling module technology. It is of great practical significance for the improvement and development of heat dissipation performance of high-power LED package in the future to explore the appropriate structure and materials, preparation process and parameters to design and prepare the package structure with low interface thermal resistance, high heat dissipation performance and low mechanical stress.

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