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LED Emergency Lighting Technology Application


With the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, energy consumption continues to increase, and the contradiction of energy shortages has become increasingly prominent. "Research and development of high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-life semiconductor lighting products" is included in the national medium- and long-term science and technology development plan (2006-2020) "energy" field "industrial energy saving" priority theme, the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry is welcoming from the main A major historical opportunity for innovation and leapfrog development.

First, the importance of led emergency lighting applications

Emergency lighting is an important safety facility for modern public buildings and industrial buildings. It is closely related to personal safety and building safety. When a building has a fire or other disaster, and the power supply is interrupted, emergency lighting has an important role in personnel evacuation, fire rescue work, and the continued operation or necessary operation and disposal of important production and work. Through the research and development and application of LED lighting application products, it can change the current situation that China's current daily lighting and emergency lighting integration products are scarce, and can not guarantee the production and living requirements in an emergency; combined with the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction targets, a series of civilian applications should be developed. Emergency semiconductor lighting products, in addition to meeting energy-saving requirements in daily use, provide sufficient illumination and lighting time in emergency situations to escape, rescue property and repair power systems. Develop lighting products with built-in power generation function in special emergency environment, which is easy to carry and use, can be recycled many times, and has its own protection function.

In the event of natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes, emergency lighting is an essential equipment for escape and disaster relief. It is expected that the market demand for semiconductor lighting series applications with emergencyfunctions will exceed 2 billion yuan in the next three years. With the development of China's economy, the safety awareness and safety standards of the society have been greatly improved, and the requirements for emergency lighting products are also getting higher and higher. This not only requires such products to meet emergency needs, but also has the performance of energy saving, humanization, high reliability, and the biggest advantage of emergency semiconductor lighting is here. At the same time, with the development of China's economy and society, the demand for lighting in disaster relief, field construction and off-grid and harsh environments is increasing, and there is also a huge market demand for emergency semiconductor lighting products.

The goal of the "Emergency Lighting Efficient Drive Technology and System Reliability Research" project is to promote development by application, break through the key industrial technologies urgently needed for LED lighting applications, and improve the semiconductor lighting industry chain. Through the integration of lighting technology design, secondary optical design, heat dissipation design, light source structure design, drive circuit and other application technology systems, the scaled application of domestically produced devices in domestic products is promoted.

It mainly studies the development of LED light source for emergency lighting, the design of LED emergency lighting, the secondary optical light distribution design of LED emergency lighting, the overall heat dissipation design, the special drive power for emergency lighting and the development of intelligent control system.

The main evaluation indicators are the luminous efficiency of LED light source ≥100lm/W, thermal resistance: ≤9°C/W, luminous efficiency of lamps ≥80lm/W, color temperature: 3000-6000K; color rendering index: ≥80; power factor ≥0.9, Current total harmonic distortion ≤ 20%, power conversion efficiency ≥ 80%.

When the 2010 project is completed, the luminaire efficiency will reach 80lm/W, and 5-10 patents will be applied to meet the urgent needs in the field of earthquake relief, field exploration, military and other emergency lighting, and help to solve the lighting protection for emergencies. Perennial emergency lighting product supply mechanism, to achieve demonstration applications in disaster area reconstruction, western development, new rural construction, etc., accelerate the effective promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, and enhance the international competitiveness of China's semiconductor lighting industry.

Second, the difficulty and innovation of LED emergency lighting integration technology research

The application of LED in emergency lighting is still just beginning. The design of the drive circuit, the selection of emergency functions and the structural design of the emergency luminaire need to be studied, especially in the emergency lighting standard and the reliability research of the emergency luminaire. The main technical difficulties are as follows:

1. LED packaging technology: Scientific and reasonable LED packaging structure is the key to improve the light extraction efficiency and photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED light source. Therefore, according to the requirements of LED emergency lighting fixtures, a reasonable LED package structure is designed to minimize the light attenuation, and meeting the heat dissipation requirements is a difficult point in the design of LED light sources.

2, LED cooling technology: LED packaging heat dissipation has become a key factor restricting the development of high-power LED. In order to effectively solve the problem of high-power LED heat dissipation, effective heat dissipation and non-degradation of packaging materials will be adopted to effectively conduct LED heat and solve the problem of light decay.

3, secondary light distribution technology: the most important parameters of emergency lighting fixtures are to meet the requirements of indoor lighting and emergency lighting, the main parameters are average illumination, illumination uniformity and maintenance of illumination time, through secondary optical design, combined with LED illumination Features, designed to meet the optical requirements of the optical requirements to meet the requirements of emergency lighting.

4, LED intelligent control technology: from the characteristics of LED light source, research digital intelligent control mode and drive power. Study the optimal control method suitable for emergency lighting mode requirements; study the control methods combined with various sensors, and study the driving power supply and emergency power supply reliable conversion technology suitable for emergency lighting sources.

5. Preparation and drafting of emergency lighting fixture detection methods, reliability* price methods and related standard specifications.

Xiamen Hualian Electronics Co., Ltd. has accumulated a large number of LED device design and manufacturing technologies and design, manufacturing and engineering of semiconductor lighting products in the national “Eleventh Five-Year” semiconductor lighting technology research and construction of Xiamen National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Industrialization Base. Construction management experience and excellent technical and management team. In order to solve the above technical difficulties, the Lighting Division, which undertakes research on the subject, optimizes the package structure and optimizes the secondary optical design by continuously improving the package structure in terms of light source design, lamp structure design, drive control technology, detection technology, and production process. Structure, lighting inspection, reliability* price and other work. Solved the technical and quality problemsencountered in the research of the subject, and made significant progress in the optimization design of secondary optics, package light extraction efficiency, heat dissipation, control circuit design and product reliability, and completed relevant inputs as planned, and finally developed. An emergency demonstration product line that meets the objectives of the project has been established, and an industrial demonstration production line from light source packaging, lamp manufacturing to lamp inspection has been established. The technological innovation of the research is as follows:

1. Light source design: It is packaged with high thermal conductivity metal substrate or ceramic material substrate. The light source is integrated with tile-level power chip or small chip. The blue chip is used to stimulate the phosphor to mix white light or RGB three primary colors to form white light. Route to create suitable emergency lighting sources.

2, optical design: LED light output is strong, optical design is more difficult than traditional light sources. According to the light distribution characteristics of the LED, the light transmission path and direction are changed by the optimized design of the lens and the reflector, and the light output efficiency of the emergency lighting fixture is improved.

3, LED devices and lamps cooling technology: through the selection of new materials and structural design to solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED lighting, using heat pipe and eutectic welding technology, the thermal material and LED lamps or chips directly connected, LED heat effectively transmitted and distributed It reduces the LED junction temperature and prolongs the service life of LEDs and lamps.

4. Lighting design: research and development of lamps suitable for LED emergency lighting, using explosion-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, high-low temperature resistant materials, through industrial design, to form a novel, innovative, aesthetically pleasing and Emergency lighting fixtures with independent intellectual property rights.

5. Drive control circuit design: For the characteristics of LED emergency lighting fixtures, a constant current drive circuit with simple structure, reliable performance and relatively low cost is developed to form a standardized, standardized and modular control circuit.

6. Portable lighting technology integration: It meets the emergency lighting fixtures that are easy to carry and use in a special emergency environment, have self-power generation function, and can be used repeatedly.

7. System technology integration of emergency lighting: research on new indoor lighting fixture integration technology and control technology with daily lighting, power failure and lamp failure sound and light alarm escape and disaster relief emergency lighting function.

Third, the main results of LED emergency lighting integration technology research

The "LED Emergency Lighting Efficient Drive Technology and System Reliability Research" topic mainly studies the three parts of light source design and packaging technology, drive control circuit design and emergency luminaire design. After two years of scientific and technological research, the research team developed emergency products for indoor lighting in the production of LED light sources, the design of emergency drive circuits and the design of lamps. At the same time, it also developed multi-functional emergency products for field lighting. On the basis of the original lighting function, it adds functions such as sound and light alarm, information indication, direction guide, etc. In addition to using the battery pack, it also adopts manual power generation mode to prolong the working time and also supports mobile phone charging. Effectively unify product functions and performance, truly beautiful and practical.

At present, the two major types of emergency lighting products have been developed, and their technical performance has fully met the subject assessment indicators:

1. Indoor semiconductor emergency lighting mainly solves the new semiconductor lighting fixture with emergency function and its control system technology. It has the functions of daily lighting, power failure and sound and light alarm failure of lamps, escape and disaster relief emergency lighting. Through the research and development of this project, China's technical performance in terms of reliability, power saving and guiding of such products has been greatly improved.

2. Portable semiconductor emergency lighting mainly solves the technical problems of semiconductor lighting fixtures and their control systems for emergency use in outdoor powerless conditions and harsh environments. It has good portability, good discharge and discharge performance, and self-power generation function. Through the research and development of this project, it provides tools for field operations at home and abroad, engineering rescue, and field rescue.

LED emergency lighting efficient drive technology and system reliability research, while the results of industrialization and marketing, but also stimulated a huge potential market, the application of semiconductor lighting in emergency lighting has also increased the overall added value of emergency lighting. Although the application of LED emergency luminaries in the emergency field has not yet been fully rolled out, according to the characteristics and adaptability of LED emergency luminaries, the existing emergency luminaires will be gradually replaced in the fields of mines, shopping malls and corridors. Will still bring unlimited business opportunities for the LED industry. LED emergency lighting efficient drive technology and system reliability research, there is no relevant organization in the country for systematic research and industrialization, the research technology and results have a certain advanced. The technology in this subject is mostly original technology, with independent research and development of intellectual property rights, relying on the technology to establish LED packaging, drive circuit design and industrial design demonstration production line of lamps and lanterns, enhance China's LED emergency lighting technology in the international arena. Competitiveness.

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