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Heat Dissipation Technology of High Power LED Street Light


Many people pay more attention to the lumens of LED, but pay less attention to the heat dissipation of LED lamps. In fact, the lumens of LEDs are increasing rapidly. In 2006, the number of lumens per watt of mass-produced LED has reached 50 lumens, and this number is growing rapidly. The corresponding theoretical system of heat transfer has been mature, and the heat transfer means we can use are basically clear: conduction, convection, radiation and phase change heat transfer (such as heat pipe). Therefore, the measures we can take in heat transfer or heat dissipation are visible and limited.

According to the equivalent relationship between luminous flux (lumen) and radiant flux (W), KM = 683 LM / W is the scale of luminous flux and radiant flux. That is to say, the radiation flux of 1W may produce 683lm luminous flux under the optimal condition (blackbody radiation). Therefore, even if the light efficiency of LED reaches 200lm / W, it can not convert all energy into light energy output, and the rest into heat energy. In the long run, the heat dissipation of LED lamps will be a long-term problem.

At present, the heat dissipation methods of LED street lamp mainly include: natural convection heat dissipation, fan forced heat dissipation, heat pipe and loop heat pipe heat dissipation, etc. The forced cooling system with fan is complex and low reliability, and the cost of heat pipe and loop heat pipe is high. The street lamp has the advantages of outdoor night use, heat dissipation surface on the side and small size restriction, which are conducive to the natural convection heat dissipation of air. Therefore, the LED street lamp is recommended to choose the natural convection heat dissipation mode as much as possible.

Possible problems in heat dissipation design include:

1. The area of fins is set at will.

2. The arrangement of fins is unreasonable. The arrangement of fins does not consider the use of lamps, which affects the effect of fins.

3. Emphasize the heat conduction link and ignore the convection and heat dissipation link. Although many manufacturers have considered various measures: heat pipe, loop heat pipe, adding heat conduction silicone grease, etc., they have not realized that the heat will eventually dissipate depending on the surface area of the luminaire.

4. Ignoring the balance of heat transfer, if the temperature distribution of fins is seriously uneven, it will cause some fins (the part with lower temperature) not to play a role or play a limited role

At present, the heat dissipation technology of LED street lamp is generally used in the way of heat conduction plate, which is a 5mm thick copper plate. In fact, it is an even temperature plate, which evenly heats up the heat source; there are also heat sinks to dissipate heat, but the weight is too large. The weight is very important in the street lamp system, because the height of the street lamp is 9 meters, if it is too heavy, the risk will increase, especially in case of typhoon and earthquake, accidents may occur. Perhaps, in the future, when LED is widely used in the field of street lamps, modular heat dissipation may be formed, which will better solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED street lamps

"In fact, in our country," brighter is better "is the biggest misunderstanding of people!" Xiao Huiqian, a famous lighting expert of China Academy of Architectural Sciences, said China's lighting is nearly 50 years behind the developed countries. Today, we still use the light sources that have been eliminated in other countries for a long time. Due to the lack of professional designers, most domestic nightscape lighting is not only not energy-saving, but also very dazzling, easy to make people tired, and there is a certain gap with international standards.

The high-power floodlights and street lights in the night scene lighting can make the room bright through the windows, which makes the residents unable to sleep. The survey shows that such residents generally look older than their peers with good lighting environment

The lighting is not as bright as possible. When choosing a lamp, you need to consider the environment in which it is used

The heat size of high-power LED has a direct relationship with the design of constant current drive. If the design of constant current drive is not good, the effective power is not high, the heat is very high, no heat dissipation method is used, and the life of LED is not long

A good design of constant current drive is the fundamental method, which can reduce the heat dissipation to the minimum. All kinds of heat dissipation methods are just the methods to solve the problem. Only when the circuit problem is solved, the internal heat dissipation problem is considered.

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