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Four Key Technologies of LED Fluorescent Lamp


Fluorescent tubes are widely used in daily life, such as supermarkets, schools, offices, subways, and so on. As far as public places can be seen, a large number of fluorescent lamps can be seen! How to make the life and brightness of LED meet the standard of satisfaction is a significant topic! In order to maintain long life and high brightness of LED fluorescent lamp, the following four key technologies should be solved: power supply, LED light source, heat dissipation and safety.

1. power supply

The primary requirement of power supply is high efficiency, high efficiency products, low heating, high stability is inevitable. Generally, there are two solutions for power supply: isolation and non isolation. The volume of isolation is too large and the efficiency is relatively low. In use, there will be many problems in installation, which is not as promising as the market of non isolation products. Here we mainly discuss the non isolation drive solutions.

2. LED light source

Simultaneous interpreting the LED source with the patent structure of ryum mins in Taiwan, the chip is placed on the pins. The heat energy over the silver pin directly leads to the tropical environment generated by the chip nodes, which is qualitatively different from the traditional direct insertion products and the traditional patch products in terms of heat dissipation. The node temperature of the chip does not accumulate, thus ensuring the good usability of the lamp beads and ensuring the long life of the lamp beads. , low light attenuation.

Although the traditional chip products can connect the positive and negative poles through the gold wire of the chip, they also connect the thermal energy generated by the chip to the silver pin through the gold wire. The conduction of heat and electricity is conducted by money. The accumulation of heat for a long time will directly affect the life of LED fluorescent tubes.

3. heat dissipation

The introduction and application of infrared radiation is an important means to improve the service life of fluorescent tubes. In the consideration of heat dissipation, we separate the heat dissipation of LED light source beads from that of power supply, without mutual interference, so as to ensure the rationality of heat dissipation.

There are three ways of heat conduction: convection, conduction and radiation. In a closed environment, convection and conduction are less likely to be realized, and the heat emitted by radiation is the focus of fluorescent tubes.

4. safety

Safety. Here we mainly talk about PC flame-retardant plastic tube. Because infrared radiation can penetrate PC tube, when we design and consider the use of LED lamp, we can give more consideration to its safety. With full plastic physical insulation, even when using non isolated power supply, we can absolutely guarantee the safety of use.

LED fluorescent lamp has been developing for quite a long time. From the perspective of energy-saving effect, its future application is quite broad. In addition to energy saving, its safe and long-life use should be paid more attention to!

Safety is the first element in the design of LED fluorescent lamp. How to improve the service life of PC flame-retardant fluorescent lamp after solving the safety problem? The solutions proposed by the above projects hope to provide more ways of thinking for many LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers!

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