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Brief Analysis of Technical Requirements of LED Spotlight


With the rapid development of LED technology and the continuous improvement of light efficiency, LED spotlight technology is also developing rapidly. At present, LED spotlight is almost to replace the traditional tungsten halogen lamp. Compared with traditional lamps, led spotlights have significant advantages in energy saving and long life. With the decrease of the cost of LED spotlight, the application of LED spotlight is becoming more and more popular. In this paper, the technical requirements of LED spotlight, the specifications and types of common LED spotlight, the structure of LED spotlight, the general knowledge of LED spotlight purchase, and the development direction of LED spotlight are briefly introduced and considered.

technical requirements for LED spotlight

At present, led spotlights mainly replace the traditional tungsten halogen lamps. Most of the relevant safety requirements refer to the traditional lighting requirements. According to the characteristics of LED lamps, a set of safety certification standards has been formed. At present, in the field of LED spotlight certification, the main international certification is European CE and North American UL certification, and voluntary certification (CQC) can be carried out in China.

The CE certification includes LVD and EMC. LVD is implemented according to en60968 (IEC 62560 will be upgraded); EMC is implemented according to en55015, EN61547, en61000-3-2 and en61000-3-3. In addition, LED lamps usually need to be additionally tested in terms of photobiosafety with reference to IEC 62471. In North America, UL safety and FCC EMC certification are usually required. UL implementation standards are ul1993, ul8750 and UL1310; FCC implementation standards are FCC Part15 subpart B. In China, the voluntary certification (CQC) is adopted for LED spotlight, and the Executive Standards are gb24906-2010 (safety) and GB 17743-2007 (electromagnetic compatibility).

In addition, there are many standard regulations on the performance of LED spotlight. The United States has relevant requirements for energy star; China has requirements for energy saving certification, and the executive standard is CQC 3129-2010. In these requirements, the color temperature, color rendering index, initial luminous flux, luminous efficiency, luminous flux maintenance rate, life, center luminous intensity, nominal power, power factor, product identification, etc. of LED spotlight are all specified.

The life of many electronic products is judged by the damage, but led is a kind of light source with long life, which can be used for a long time without damage. However, the output of luminous flux will decay with time, so the time required for the light to decay to 70% is usually used in the industry to define the life of LED light source, namely L70. With the development of technology, the light decay of LED is more and more slow, and it is difficult to test the light decay to 70% of the time. As the life of electronic products is exponential, LED is usually aged for a short time. The light decay time is calculated to 70% by sampling the light decay data and using exponential function. The calculation formula is as follows:

According to the exponential rule, if LM > 91.8% after 6000 hours, it can claim 25000 hours of life, if LM > 94.1% it can claim 35000 hours of life, but the life prediction time is not more than 6 times of the test time.

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