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Analysis of Key Issues in LED Lighting Design Process


To design a product, first determine which LED package structure to use; next, consider how to adapt to these package forms; there are not many opportunities for us to choose, the optical structure is built on these packages; many of our ideas can not play well . The following describes the key issues and analysis in the LED lighting design process.

First, the problems in the application of semiconductor lighting

1, heat dissipation

2, lack of standards, products are not good

3, there are problems with price and design quality, and ultimately consumers choose LED lighting, lack of confidence

4. Semiconductor lighting is very different from traditional lighting in electrical design. Traditional lighting companies need experience/skill accumulation process.

5. Everyone is optimistic about the market, but there is still no scale.


1. By adjusting the high-precision constant current chip to ensure the consistency of LED brightness and chromaticity, we provide standard, customized and reliable high-quality products for downstream customers at the module level;

2, new and old lighting design manufacturers, not too complicated electrical design, only need to add a traditional constant voltage power supply to work on the simple circuit design, is the fastest and most reliable way;

3. Solve the technical and quality problems in the LED lighting market on a large scale.

Second, the heat dissipation design

1. The shortest heat is transmitted to the path to reduce the heat conduction resistance;

2. Increase the mutual conduction area and increase the heat transfer rate;

3. Reasonable calculation of the design heat dissipation area;

4. Effective use of heat capacity effects.

Output drive voltage selection:

1. It is more suitable to drive around 48V when the mains is driven within 20W;

2, the larger power mains drive output voltage is about 36V is most suitable;

3, offline lighting is mostly 12V and 24V voltage.


1. Based on the serial-parallel safety, consider the appropriate driving voltage value of the load, and try to unify the voltage value to reduce the power supply design specification cost;

2. Based on the safety regulations, the product design must meet the certification requirements, and the peak value of the flow exceeds 42.4Vac or the DC exceeds 60Vdc;

3. Consider the technical and quality issues of solving large-scale quantities in the LED lighting market.

Third, the most efficient back-end driver

When the output voltage is around 48V, the constant current efficiency of the low dropout linear constant current device is up to 99%, the constant current accuracy is within ±3%, and is not affected by any peripheral devices; when the output voltage is around 36V, the low dropout linear constant current device The constant current efficiency is up to 98.6%, the constant current accuracy is within ±3%, and is not affected by any peripheral devices. Even in the offline lighting part, the lower voltages of 12V and 24V have 96% and 98% efficiency, respectively; The efficiency is equal.

Features: The most efficient drive constant current architecture; the highest precision constant current mode, minimal impact by peripheral devices; simple, convenient and practical.

Fourth, the power consumption of constant current consumption has reached negligible level

At the CYT laboratory in Shenzhen, we have verified that the back-end constant current efficiency reaches 99.99375%, which is completely negligible;

In the future, we will complete this design achievement in one year. More than ten IC design teams and powerful power supply manufacturers will complete this goal as soon as possible.

Five, AC-DC design

The development of switching power supply has been the result of many years of accumulation. In the short term, AC-DC direct constant current cannot be broken. Constant voltage and constant current are the relationship between spear and shield. They must be considered separately. The constant current source load regulation rate is 1% (mA). ) / V, the constant current effect is not achieved; the more ideas, the higher the cost, and the risk is directly proportional.


1. It is most economical to make rational use of existing switching power supply resources;

2. The combination of constant pressure and constant current technology is inevitable;

3. Creativity is effective in stable product technology.

Sixth, LED combination packaging is the future development trend

The combined design of the module can effectively reduce the cost of one-time packaging; the distributed package form is beneficial to reduce the cost of heat dissipation design; the domestic aluminum-based PCB board is selected; the optical design is convenient; the power supply design is simplified; the package form is diverse; force. !

Seven, the package structure 'kidnapping' our optical effect design

This is a representative package of CREE, Nichia, Lumileds, and OSRAM. To design a product, first determine which LED package structure to use; next, consider how to adapt to these package forms; there are not many opportunities for us to choose, the optical structure is built on these packages; many of our ideas can not play well .

Lighting design is ever-changing, how can we get rid of this situation?

Eight, modular packaging and constant current technology combined

Designing LED packages at the PCB board level makes it easy and cost-effective; everyone can brainstorm and develop different types of package forms; design products based on power LEDs with integrated constant current technology and light distribution parameters; effectively respond to ever-changing and ever-changing LED lamps need; the power supply part is only powered by the existing traditional switching constant voltage power supply; the product launch speed is improved, the lamp design is simple and practical, the cost is greatly reduced; and the patented containment of the leading edge LED package can be avoided.

Nine, packaged by voltage nominal value

LED constant current drive innovation technology was born in Shenzhen CYT, I named it "Power LED constant current integrated package" technology, referred to as "module package"; this technology is based on LED packaging technology directly integrated low dropout linear high precision constant Flow technology; LEDs can be directly rated voltage specifications, such as: 12V / 1W, 24V / 1W, 36V / 1W, 48V / 1W, 12V / 3W, 24V / 2W ... 36V / 10W and so on. In the future, customers using CYT technology product design, no longer need to consider any LED constant current problem, use the existing standard constant voltage power supply. This technology will announce the end of "LED constant current power supply"!

X. Designing the light source by product

Breaking the original product design according to the light source, in turn, customizing the LED light source package form according to the product; maximizing the product creative display; designing the optical package structure due to the product; low cost; designing the heat dissipation structure with the product, reducing the thermal resistance; high constant current precision; The protection function is integrated. Shenzhen CYT LED Lab can quickly help you complete product design.

XI. Advantages of modular light source 1 Effectively reduce costs

1. Reduce the number of packages and save packaging costs;

2. Improve consistency with environmental and conditional production and improve yield;

3. Reduce optical design costs;

4. Reduce the cost of heat dissipation design;

5, batch mixed packaging, reduce the cost of binning;

6, product design simplification, reducing overall costs;

7, low-cost packaging architecture. This technology will guide the LED lighting industry to develop in a healthy direction.

Twelve, modular light source advantages 2 thermal resistance reduction

1. The light source is directly combined with the outer casing heat sink;

2. Avoid PCB as a heat medium;

3. Reduce the chip-to-case heat dissipation path;

4. Adopt new heat transfer technology; the most effective way to reduce heat dissipation and solve heat dissipation design problems.

Thirteen, the advantages of modular light source 3 high constant current accuracy

1. The Vf value is uniformly considered in the module;

2. The constant current source is less affected by the outside world;

3, the linear technology is mature and high, no peripheral devices affect the accuracy;

4. There is no EMI interference problem affecting accuracy;

5. Multiple parallels do not independently affect the accuracy;

6. It is not affected by power fluctuations and the load constant current accuracy. The highest constant current precision architecture, the design architecture that optimizes LED brightness uniformity and lifetime.

Fourteen, modular light source advantages 4 protection integrated design

1. Built-in temperature protection;

2. Internal power supply and protection technology;

3. Built-in high grayscale interface;

4. Short circuit and open circuit protection;

5, can set the linkage protection function;

6, ESD protection.

Any other built-in features and protection needs can be explored.

Fifteen, the advantages of modular light source 5 take the traditional power road

This is a steady first step; it can be selective; the cost is the most favorable; the switching power supply can not achieve the indicators, the LED power supply is also difficult to achieve, less detours; even if there is a strong company design, the LED part takes time Verification; there is no electromagnetic compatibility issue at all. The maturity of the power supply takes time. Some of the propaganda about the LED power supply are you convinced? First constant voltage, then linear constant current, must be the mainstream of the LED lighting drive market in the future!

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