IACS CO., LIMITED (Yiwu Fuwei e-commerce firm)


Answers of Some Common Questions


Regarding the orders shipped by express

RE: For orders shipped by express, normally we use DHL, FeDex, UPS, etc., the unit price for weight between 0-20kg is high, the price for 20-100kg ranked middle, weight higher than 100kg has relatively lower price, therefore, if the sample order has lower than weight less than 20kg, the freight will be high. Also, for goods with big volume, the weight calculation is measured according to its volume. For example, for a fixtures that has 1CBM and real weight 20kg, the shipping company will use the weight 1CBM*200 = 200Kg, and will charge according to 200kg only.

Regarding the FOB cost of small orders

RE: lamp and ballast less than 20pcs, luminaire less than 50pcs, complete set of induction light of less than 30pcs, we shall need extra cost, including pallet cost, trucking cost, etc. because the profit is not enough to cover this cost. If the number exceed this limit, will not this cost.


Regarding the explanation on bank charge

RE: Every TT transfer shall create bank charge, please ensure your honorable company shall bear the intermediate bank cost to ensure the total amount reach our account is the same as the PI amount.


Regarding the explanation on sea freight

RE: We use our shipping company for many years, they have many services, including the port delivery, or door to door delivery. But the sea freight cost does not include the tax after reaching the destination port and the local costs. All importer need bear the customs cost of their own country.


Regarding the explanation on the after sale service

RE: For all orders, please check and count the detailed and quantity of all products received, If find shortage of quantity within one week, please take pictures and send to our sale persons.